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Since the 1990s our school has been actively involved in the mobility exchange programmes, previously known as Socrates and today referred to with the acronym LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) promoted and financed by the European Community. 
In many classes different projects have been realised (Comenius and Leonardo above all), engaging both students and teachers across subjects, creating opportunities for professional placements and mobility across countries of the European Community. This represents a precious opportunity to develop an intercultural dimension for our pupils' education and is a very useful experience to help improve their skills in their second language (English). 
We're refreshing (September 2012) this web page to bring it up to date. Please take a look at this data base, where you can find all the latest essential news on our European project, and its history. Also, a summary of the projects shared by our school can be found here.visita-prep2012

During the last academic year, we applied for a LLP/Comenius/Multilateral Partnership Project; the last of which had been approved by the German and Italian agencies, but now will not be realised as the other five countries involved had their projects rejected by their respective national agencies (this the project must have at least three countries' involvement in order to take place). Though this is unfortunate, we are searching once again for new partners - in particular from Northern Europe - and will be applying for the February 2013 call.

In the previous call for the academic year 2011-12 we applied, with six other schools from across the DEURE Network,(Dimensione europea dell'educazione, in English 'European Dimension of Education'), for a new LLP/Leonardo/IVT Project focussing on Renewable Energy. The project, which has already been approved by the Italian Agency, will give an opportunity for twelve of our students from the Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Mechanics specialities, to attend a three week placement in one of three countries (Great Britain, Germany or Spain). It is important to bear in mind that our school was one of those that has always championed the DEURE Network.

stage-romeniAs we have done for the past few years, we have once again offered a group of eight Romanian students a chance to participate in a Leonardo/IVT programme here at Armellini, entitled "New applications for the labour market through access to quality and high-tech electronics". As always, we have assigned some of our colleagues to them in order to provide a support to set up (inside our laboratories) special electronic devices. Aside from their work here at the school, we was happy to host them in our city, and give them tours around Rome as well as Italian language courses.bulgaria1

The one-week training placement in Bulgaria, carried out by two of our colleagues last April, brought to a close the LLP/Leonardo/VETPRO project called NeTeMa (New Teaching in Mathematics). Unfortunately, no similar projects have been created this academic year.


olanda-2011It's perfectly possible to create Individual Mobility Experiences within the LLP/Comenius/In Service Training projects. There are a few teachers that have requested such opportunities for the school in recent years; please remember that there are three separate yearly deadlines for these activities. 

Finally, in the field of the LLP programme, we applied for an English assistant to support our English Language teachers during their lessons, giving the students an opportunity to practice their language skills with a native speaker. We were very lucky to have been sent a young Englishman - a university student who studies languages - who will be working with our students for five months from the start of the new academic year (2012-13).

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